Pura Vida
The Beach

Crystal clear water, a sandy beach, beautiful lounges with outstanding cocktails, couches and comfortable sunbeds to spend the whole day in - this is Playa Niu Blau, the location of our lovely Pura Vida Beach. You can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere while reading or laying back dozing. Dance & groove - Fridays our resident DJs take care of your sensual delights by playing chilled beach beats. The Niu Blau beach is just a few minutes drive from downtown Santa Eulalia. Even if you do not rent a beach chair, the beach offers a lot of shade. There is a car park, our Pura Vida car park for our guests, but also a public car park. Classically, the beach is bounded on both ends by stones. On one side, as on many Ibizenko beaches, are old fishermen’s huts where fishermen used to keep their boats until now. This feature runs through some well-known island images, as they are a landmark of the island. Otherwise, the sand is just as it should be. The children (or adults) can look for shells. Already at the beginning of summer the water is in a comfortable temperature. At the other end of the beach you can also borrow fun companions like pedal boats. Since the water is so clear, you can still see the bottom of the sea after some distance. Experience the perfect beach day here at our Niu Blau beach.

For you, your Family & Friends

Pura Vida offers so much for everyone. Come and enjoy every minute - enjoy yourself!


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