Pura Vida
The Bar

Sitting on the Pura Vida Bar means to enjoy delicious cocktails, drinking the best beer or share a high-quality bottle of champagne with your beloved. It is a place to concur. Whether standing at the bar or sitting in the lounge - Pura Vida Bar offers everything for a perfect evening with tasty drinks. Our drinking menu offers everything a connoisseur’s heart desires. We serve wine from Spain, France, Italy, South Africa, New Zealand and even from the USA.

The best thing about the bar in Pura Vida is, that you can hear the sound of the sea while are enjoying your drink. The feeling that the rushing sound of the ocean gives you is gold, the glow of the moon on the water surface that you can observe from the bar, is priceless and gives you a holiday feeling that leaves nothing behind.

Since our location is only a few meters away from the water, you can take a walk with your companions in the shallow water. A more harmonious way to finish a day is unlikely. Our kitchen also offers many snacks that are a perfect match for a relaxing evening at the bar. Come around and make yourself happy!

For you, your Family & Friends

Pura Vida beach restaurant offers so much for everyone. Come and enjoy every minute - enjoy yourself!


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