Shanna & Andrew

Pura Vida meant we could walk in the sand with our bare feet

and celebrate our love surrounded by nature and those closest to us.

Pura Vida meant we could be relaxed, feel the breeze, smell the sea and sit on the beach,

watching the kids run and around and play with pure joy.

It meant that our guests could enjoy each other’s company – roar with laughter and dance the night away

whilst drinking and feasting on delicious, fresh food and drink.

It meant that we could laugh and cry at the kind words shared, take turns to ‘play’ DJ, watch in awe the live fire show on the beach,

and appreciate the nannies as the night soldiered on…

It meant not having a care in the world so we could concentrate on

reveling in and being surrounded by love, friendship and family.


In other words, Pura Vida was perfect.

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