How Best To Propose And Not Under The Christmas Tree

A marriage proposal to the one you love is a proposition one should not take lightly. Basically, it’s not a joke. In fact, it can be very daunting. The outcome puts your heart on line. Everything that means anything to you, your feelings, your entire world… is right out there!

You want your partner to say YES! Scream a resounding YES, with excitement, energy and mirroring exactly how you feel about them. Are we right?

And, for this reason your proposal or your expression of love for another person is something very special and something that needs full and undivided attention to get it right. After all, you might only get one chance.

Before you make your proposal and express your desire to spend the rest of your life with someone, you really have to know everything about the one you love! And, that includes understanding how they may perceive romance, how they will receive a proposal, their thoughts on marriage and the type of proposal they will feel both comfortable with and romanced by.

#afairbitofwork (a fair bit of work)!

There are millions of ways to propose to someone. There’s nothing wrong with any choice. Just make sure you do it right. The first time. Wink Wink!

You should make sure that this moment is a truly memorable and special experience. We truly believe that a marriage proposal has to be romantic, creative, and ultimately memorable.

We will be totally honest, we are true romantics at heart. “The Classic Proposal” is the one and only proposal, we believe will stand the test of time. Why? Because, so far, it basically has. We are in a day and age where people are making videos of memories together via whatsapp with… “will you marry me” as the finale. It’s definitely a personal choice, but one we feel has lost a little romance.

The Classic Proposal.

Rule No 1

The first rule to keep is – keep it simple, natural and sweet. If you want to capture a heart then follow your own heart. Sometimes, an individual can be softened by words that are often gentle and sweet – but, do not forget the art of being you, being genuine, being completely who you are and being the same person that your destined fiance met and knows.

Set the Mood

It’s a classic, but we love it! A moonlit sky with the Mediterranean night heat against your skin as you sit under the stars with flickering of candles surrounding you. Otherwise known as one of the most quintessential associations of a romantic evening. Here, the perfect candle lit dinner directly on the beach sets the mood for a night full of love and romance.

Choose a Unique Date

Why not make the proposal extra special and select an unusual date. Pick a day that has special meaning to you both. Something different to proposing under the Xmas tree. What date has significance for you both? Like that first summer you met?

Element of Surprise

What about a little ‘casual weekend break’ together overseas? It’s simple, but timeless and the likelihood is your partner will only believe you off to somewhere nice for a much deserved weekend break! What about the beach? Why not have that romantic Mediterranean beach walk with the sounds of the sea crashing against the shore in the background?

Get Super Creative

You can plan a typical beach day and let nature do the talking, or you can otherwise organise something a little more hollywood movie-like. Could you organise a special candlelit beach dinner with a night walk along the seashore under the stars!

Yes, you can. As a beautiful beach restaurant, hidden among the most wonderful coves of Ibiza, Pura Vida Ibiza invites you to make your proposal on one of our candle lit and rose infused beach day beds. We offer stunning beach dinner packages complete with candles, music and almost whatever beautiful request you can think off to make the most memorable proposal in history. With a spectacular sunset dinner, a romantic beach walk, caviar and champagne – we vouch to create the perfect atmosphere and mood for you to pop the question!

And, we can even be waiting with a photographer for when the answer is yes!

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