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Our Ibiza Wedding Planning Service here at Pura Vida recognises every single couple is unique – with their style, dreams, and desires.

Our Ibiza Beach Wedding Venue and Restaurant is an incredibly versatile environment with an outstanding history of planning weddings. So, we thought we would show some of our favourite ‘Real Weddings’ to date as we enter into our next season.

But first, here’s a little bit more about who we are and how we got started in the Ibiza World of Weddings at Pura Vida beach Wedding Venue…


Our History at Pura Vida Ibiza Beach Wedding venue

Our Event and Wedding Planning Service at Pura Vida officially began in 2009 with Alexandra Sixt, whose expertise in PR and event management in Europe, quickly networked across the island of Ibiza and established our venue as a recognised beach wedding location, taking over 25 bookings within our first season.

After 14 fantastic years to date, our bespoke approach, wealth of experience, and fine attention to detail offers some of the very best wedding opportunities here on the island.


Pura Vida Beach Restaurant Event and Wedding Planner

Receiving all of her official wedding & event planning training directly from Alexandra Sixt, Beata is now our allocated Event and Wedding Planner here at Pura Vida Beach Restaurant Ibiza. Beata is an incredibly heartwarming, polite, and honest person who loves to plan and create wonderful weddings.

Reliable, precise, energetic, and full of fresh new and inspirational ideas, Beata’s entire approach makes your wedding planning journey smooth, full of ease, and an unforgettable experience.

Now that we know a little bit more about our background, let’s take a look at our favourite bespoke weddings to date…


Ibiza Beach Wedding Venue: The White Wedding – Carly & Stephen

White is often the most traditional colour for weddings. The classic colour-palette can be incredibly modern, fresh, and even given an extra special personal touch. In fact, with a beautiful beach backdrop of turquoise waters, like at Playa Niu Blau, a white wedding is the perfect option that will only enhance the natural surroundings it is placed upon.

By layering shapes, textures, tones, and forms, or adding a dash of Gold, an all-white wedding can be stunning.


Ibiza Beach Wedding Venue: The Beach Rustic Wedding

Not all rustic weddings belong on a farm or in the countryside. The beach is also the perfect setting for a trending and organic style. A mix of white-washed wooden lanterns, rustic tableware, decor, and organic green foliage with a selection of pastel florals create the perfect beach-rustic wedding vibe.


Ibiza Beach Wedding Venue: The Beach Rustic Wedding


Ibiza Beach Wedding Venue: The Boho-Chic Wedding

Boho Chic Beach Weddings are incredibly relaxed, full of sunlight, sand, and salty breeze. Usually, with a mix of organic, bright, or blush colours, accented with lanterns, authentic textiles, and rustic beach driftwood for décor, elegant bohemian weddings are often a big hit in Ibiza.

For a matching wedding ceremony arch, go for that elegant driftwood or teepee-shaped centerpiece, and don’t forget plenty of fluffy natural pampas grass blowing in the breeze to perfectly finish the theme.


Ibiza Beach Wedding Venue


Ibiza Beach Wedding Venue: The Simple-Spring Wedding

The trees and flowers are budding, the sun is shining longer, the weather is certainly warmer, and the sense of new beginnings is on the horizon. Spring weddings are wonderfully elegant and romantic, with a focus on fresh and lighthearted elements that reflect the joy of the season.

Using a mix of flowers, greenery, and minimalist floral displays creates the illusion of «planted» arrangements that look like they’re growing in your Spring garden. They offer a beautiful sense of simplicity and excitement as a couple starts the next part of their journey together.


Ibiza Beach Wedding Venue - Pura Vida Beach Restaurant Ibiza Carly & Stephen


Ibiza Beach Wedding Venue: The Trending Wedding

Fresh colour palettes are surging in popularity again for modern-day weddings. In 2021, we are seeing even more couples infusing fresh, bright hues and palettes into their wedding decor. Maybe after such a dull year previously, bright, happy colour-palettes are adding a little extra excitement to wedding decor and style.


Ibiza Beach Wedding Venue: The Trending Wedding



If you have recently got engaged, or you have put your wedding planning on hold, then we are more than happy to talk you through all the possibilities ready for your future wedding.

We are confident to get the planning journey started. With so many variations, ideas, and wedding styles to choose from, it may feel a little overwhelming to plan an overseas destination wedding. However, we are here with you, every step of the way, to help you design and style your perfect wedding day. Contact us today

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