Ibiza’s Best Restaurants – The Blue Hour at Pura Vida Beach Restaurant

Booking Recommended Restaurants in Ibiza 

You’re all booked up and ready to travel to Ibiza for your long awaited summer vacation! Fantastic news… securing and planning your summer holiday has to be, by far, one of the most exhilarating events of the entire year.

However, the bigger question is… ‘what exactly do you plan to do once you arrive?’

Even if you have been to Ibiza before, it’s always worth researching new places to visit, and keeping an eye out for any new, hidden, or local gems you didn’t know about before.

Dedicating a little extra time to researching your holiday destination, and taking note of anything that takes your fancy comes highly recommended by our team here at Pura Vida Beach Restaurant. Especially as each and every year Ibiza offers many brand new events, interesting venues, and local restaurants to previous years.

We would warmly advise taking the time to investigate the very best restaurants and bars on the island, both near and far to your holiday accommodation, to ensure you visit the restaurants with the best-reviewed food, atmosphere, hospitality services, and of course, outstanding locations.

Then you can perfectly pop everything into your little holiday itinerary, getting well-ahead of schedule, and booking your planned visits before you even arrive!

Pre-planning and booking is particularly important to ensure you won’t miss out on anything you would like to see or do! The height of the season, especially during July, August and early September can often leave many tourists disappointed as many restaurants get fully booked up weeks in advance!

Plus, what could be better than feeling as cool as a cucumber, knowing you are fully prepared and will not be encountering any stress from running around at the very last minute, trying to get your desired table at that all time trending beach restaurant!

Itineraries in Ibiza are absolutely essential on shorter trips if you wish to see everything you want to, but even on longer trips, it’s still a very good idea to have an itinerary in preparation, ensuring your 2021 summer holiday goes according to plan.


Ibiza’s Best Recommended Restaurants

Food has to be one of the best things about going on holiday. But, unfortunately without pre-planning and correct searching, it can also quickly become one of the worst.

So, how do you correctly research restaurants before you go away, and where do you get your recommendations?

As dedicated food-lovers and restaurateurs here in Ibiza, we know very well that finding great restaurants whilst travelling is a top priority for the majority of our customers and tourists.

When choosing a restaurant (anywhere in the world), we would most definitely recommend heading straight to do a check on TripAdvisor. Although the website must be taken with caution (it can be very quite subjective as occasionally customers are not honest or fair with their reviews), if a restaurant is generally of good quality and worth visiting, it will be reflected in the majority of reviews submitted and the average star rating given.

What’s more, one of the best aspects of TripAdvisor is that traveller photos are often included alongside the reviews, and photos don’t lie, so Tripadvisor is a great way of verifying if you would personally find the food appealing.

We are very proud to say Pura Vida Beach Restaurant has just won the «Travellers’ Choice Award» from Tripadvisor. The travellers’ choice award celebrates restaurants that consistently deliver fantastic experiences to travellers around the globe.

If you like what you see on Tripadvisor, then you can head over to the restaurant’s website, facebook or instagram to get a better feel of what’s on offer, scan a few more reviews and glance over the menus!


Paco Fernandez night at Pura Vida Beach club


Pura Vida Beach Restaurant – The Blue Hour is highly Recommended!

When it comes to offering our recommendations out to the public, we would have to say we are slightly biased. Our family run restaurant is our pride and joy, and we have put years of hard work and effort to ensure our travellers restaurant experience is at the top of its game.

That’s why we would highly recommend Pura Vida Beach Restaurant during your Ibiza stay. During the height of the season the weather can get a little warm in the daytime, and although we have a completely protected and shady terrace for dining at lunch, we love our evenings from the ‘Blue Hour’ that goes well into the night, under the moon and stars, all of which is perfectly complemented by the cool sea breeze.

The ‘Blue Hour’ is the time of day when the sun has just set or is about to rise, when the sky overhead takes on a deep blue colour, and the landscape is illuminated with bluish light.

Unfortunately the ‘Blue Hour’ doesn’t even actually last an entire hour. In reality, it really only lasts about 20 to 30 minutes and the exact timing will vary from location to location, and change depending on time of year, and when the sun is rising and falling. In Ibiza, September is one of the very best months with the most interesting and emotive ‘Blue Hour’ time of the day!

The sky picks up a cool, crisp blue colour before it gets too dark and carries its own range of emotions. It’s a great time to take those evening holiday photos under the clear moon and wander over the silvery tones of the Mediterrean Sea.

We recommend you book your dining table with us at Pura Vida at the earliest point of sunset, where we welcome you to enjoy a relaxing aperitif, over a classic cocktail or a crisp glass of wine from our 2021 wine list. You can sit at the beachside bar and relax as the sunsets into the blue hour, before heading to dine on our terrace for the remainder of the evening!


Check out our New Contemporary Menu 2021 here!

Overlooking the white sands and crystalline turquoise blue water, our family-run local restaurant offers all of our guests a guaranteed true taste of the Mediterranean, with humble hospitality and complete satisfaction.

Reserve your table today!

… And find us Pura Vida Beach Restaurant on Google Maps.


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