What’s on at Pura Vida Beach Restaurant Ibiza – Ibiza Summer 2021
Welcome to Ibiza 2021 with us at Pura Vida Beach Restaurant!

We think it’s safe to say that many of us are ready for a fresh start, a bright season ahead, a summer of fun with family and friends, and our usual annual vacations once again!

The year past has been a challenge for us all, with many travel plans postponed, event cancellations, and numerous ongoing restrictions. Yet with patience, we are finally starting to see light at the end of the tunnel.

And, we believe summer 2021 will be a season of optimism and confidence for all!


Covid-19 Ibiza Update – March 2021

Travel may still feel a little ‘rocky’ out there, with constant updates and changes from one European government to the next. However, if we look back to summer 2020, although considerably shorter than usual, many travel options, hospitality venues, and restaurants were able to operate as normal with low-grade restrictions.

Our outdoor spaces including the main towns, beaches, and countryside felt less overcrowded over the summer season, but somewhat normal. The main significant difference between the usual Ibiza tourism scene was, the nightclubs remained closed.

Ibiza has generally taken a positive and safe attitude throughout the pandemic with efficient measurements to ensure the health and safety of everyone, which so far, has secured Ibiza’s tourism sector.

The winter months, post-Christmas left us all a little disheartened. However, now spring has arrived and our Covid-19 rates are again reducing, restrictions are de-escalating, which gives us hope that the 2021 season will go ahead as planned, just like 2020.

Ibiza commenced Phase 3 on Monday 15th March, which is due to be reviewed on April 9th. Whilst curfew measurements, lower capacities for public spaces, and the minimising of social gatherings are still in place, we expect to see improvements and less restrictive laws in the coming weeks.


What’s New at Pura Vida Beach Restaurant 2021

We have been actively working behind the scenes, laying the necessary groundwork, being flexible to the current circumstances, ready for our SPRING OPENING 2021.

From April 1st we will open our wonderful beach restaurant and terrace! Yay!

Our team is incredibly excited for the season ahead. Owners Daniel, his wife Alexandra, and Sister Alexandra wish to offer a message of encouragement to all.

“For 2021 we have gone the extra mile to create a special summer season for all our guests. We hope to provide long-lasting memories, so 2021 will be remembered for great times spent in Ibiza”

If you are yet to meet the Sanwald-Steeb family team, then why not read our family history blog below, starting in 1972!

Samos Group Family Business – Living, Working and Our Vision in Ibiza – Pura Vida Ibiza (puravida-ibiza.com)

Naturally, we need to be mindful and take each week as it comes. However, we have planned regular children’s entertainment, live DJ sets, moonlit evenings with the sounds of the Baleares, fresh menus, brand new wine lists, and plenty more!

Stay tuned for more regular updates via our Social Media channels, Pura Vida Beach Restaurant Ibiza | Facebook and Pura Vida Restaurant Ibiza (@puravida_ibiza) • Instagram


Ibiza Beach Wedding Venue - Pura Vida Beach Restaurant Ibiza Carly & Stephen

Ibiza Weddings & Events at Pura Vida Beach Restaurant

Many people are still hosting their weddings and major events in Ibiza this 2021 season. Restrictions may still be possible, but generally, people are moving forward with peace of mind and confidence their event is secured this summer season.

Pura Vida Beach Restaurant Ibiza welcomes every event at our stunning venue located directly on the beach of Playa Niu Blau, Santa Eulalia, both now and in the upcoming years 2022 / 2023.

Our family group has over 40 years of experience in the hospitality industry and 15 years of expertise in event and wedding planning on the island of Ibiza.

Our first-class event services offer the highest quality of food and event management, and our team is experienced in coordinating all aspects to ensure that your day is just perfect.

If you are planning an Ibiza event, you can speak to our dedicated Events Manager, Beata here Today! Contact Us at Pura Vida Ibiza


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