Destination Wedding Advice from Pura Vida Beach Wedding Venue
Having a destination wedding? Perfect, we’ve got news for you! Actually, a superb list of advice and bullet points for you to take into consideration to ensure you, your wedding planning and day runs as smoothly, effectively and ultimately as perfectly as possible.
There’s so much to take into consideration for this once in a lifetime celebration – everything from the venue, to the ceremony, the style, flowers, food and transportation, let alone thinking about accommodating all those travelling guests.
But with little knowledge of the do’s-and-don’ts, planning a memorable getaway for you and your wedding party can be an upheaval and a stressful occurrence.

So, why not take a look at Pura Vida’s wedding advice from our Events and Wedding Planning Management Team to help you land the overseas wedding of your dreams.

1. Location

Choosing to host your wedding on the magical white island of Ibiza will often, if not inevitably incorporate the luxury of ‘island beach life’. The perfect glistening Balearic Sea shored upon dusty speckled Mediterranean sand, is a very popular choice year after year, for both ceremonies and holding matrimony celebrations.

However, when it comes to seeking the ideal beach wedding venue… who and how do you choose?

Our wedding and event planning team would recommend couples to look for a venue that has a good track record and expertise in planning and hosting weddings.

Any venue can essentially entertain a wedding, but those with specialist and experienced teams in organising big events and occasions are paramount to ensure the dream day is secured. Such teams will know the importance of taking into consideration those less thought of happenings – such as unusual storms breaking out (not ideal for an outdoor event), parking for the multitude and the importance of running everything to schedule.

2. Selecting Dates

British summer time, for example, is not the same, in any shape or form as Spanish summer time. Selecting your dates needs to consider the weather forecast, the number of tourists visiting for holidays, budget and cost, flight availability and ultimately venue and accommodation options.
For example, the height of the season is often not so advisable for weddings. July and August is an incredibly popular tourism time. The beaches are full, traffic is a nightmare, the weather is stifling hot (especially uncomfortable for brides in gowns and gents in suits) and securing bookings and flights for all guests together can be increasingly difficult – having said that, evening and night weddings can be particularly stunning at this time of the year depending on your personal wedding style.
With whatever dates a couple selects we would highly recommend utilizing a venues full planning service to help organise all of your needs and ensure everyone is comfortable and everything fits together just right.

3. Advance Planning

Advance planning is without a shadow of a doubt a necessity when choosing a wedding overseas. You need to ensure guests and marked members of the wedding are in agreement with travelling and equally can afford to attend. Advance notice allows them and you as a couple to plan, save and get booking.
Our in house team believes “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. With any large scale events, planning is everything. Here, at Pura Vida our wedding and events management team are highly organised individuals. We really understand the importance of planning well ahead of schedule. If any problems arise, we have time to find the solution. Booking your dates can be as early as two years prior with effective planning starting approximately 12-18 months before. Organisation is always key… which leads us onto our next point!

4. Visit prior to the planning commences

We do not just say visit to be polite. Even if you know Ibiza, have previously seen your destination venue before and implicitly know what you want. Pura Vida invites all of our couples to visit before any contractual agreement or planning commences. Why?
We like couples to be 100 percent certain and fall in love with their chosen venue, it is the biggest day of their lives and nothing, absolutely nothing can go a miss. To meet and greet you enables a personal yet professional relationship to transpire, where we as a management team get to really understand you and your wedding dreams.

We want to personally invite you to visualise and organise your day alongside other providers, vendors and collaborating professionals, all together. So, we can work as a team.
During this time it is imperative you test for yourself in person the catering, visit the florists, plan your hair and make-up to perfection and so on and so on. After that, we will have a strong understanding of how you would like to host your big day and the rest can be done from afar.
Having said that, if you are fully confident in your dream location, then we can effectively manage everything from base for you. Open communication, emails, phone calls and skype are all we really and truly need to create the perfect day!

5. Get Inspired

What kind of style is perfect for your personality? Unless you hire a professional and knowledgeable wedding planning service then having a relatively strong idea of what you would like for a wedding theme, number of guests, menus etc is a good basis to get the ball rolling prior to an initial meeting with your chosen venue.

Our in house wedding planning team is specific to our location and has a special skill set as planners in beach venue weddings. With experience and a good rapport with many local island vendors and suppliers across the island – we can help couples call in the right pro’s and share our ideas to make that dream become a reality.

Knowledge of good and worthy vendors on the island is something all of our couples have taken complete advantage of in the past, and one in which they have not been disappointed with the results – one of our top recommendations.

6. Don’t Worry

Although we as a management team are incredibly focused and organised, Ibiza is on what we call ‘Island Time’. Everything moves at a different pace. Vendors and suppliers have a different set of rules and lifestyle. And, it is slower, a lot slower. But, don’t be alarmed and mistake providers as incompetant either. This is very normal.

A good wedding venue management team can help you to keep everything on track and put your mind at ease that all is taken care of.

7. Prepare for the day itself (and your guests)

We like to call it ‘Your Guest Wedding Travel Checklist’. It’s essential to think about everything you and your guests may need to travel with. Everything from sunscreen and sunglasses to an evening pull over or shawl for those chilly nights during the early spring.

What about their actual attire, many beach weddings like their guests to be all in white, have they considered how hot it may get in a big hat or a full tuxedo, have they considered bringing flip flops and maybe even a swimsuit in case they want a dip in sea.

We don’t want guests to feel too hot or uncomfortable when they are supposed to be having the time of their lives and celebrating your new life together.

Whether you are planning a beach wedding with a wedding planning service or you need help with the entire process – finding a management team to help you from the destination itself is optimal to the success and enjoyment of the big day.

Our in house team provides its own personal service alongside working many of Ibiza’s top wedding planners. Our overall best advice is… Get help!

Get help from those who know the wedding industry, know the destination, know the ‘in’s and out’s’ of everything that a destination wedding incorporates and those who know they can really do your day the very best justice and make it as memorable as can be.

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