: Yoga & Pilates at the Niu Blau Beach

The wonderful Adriana is giving Yoga & Pilates classes directly at the beach. Join her every Monday & Friday at 10 am.

Hatha Yoga & Meditation is self-healing and trust. Pilates is power and movement. Spirit, body and soul come in balance and our life energy can flow well again. We are at peace inside and the body can heal itself.

About the Teacher: My name is Adriana and my spiritual name is Adi Shakti. This was given to me in India, during my yoga teacher training, by a master, meaning in Sanskrit “origin of the female power-energy”. That’s how I identify well!

These methods have been an integral part of my daily life for more than 10 years and help me to find myself again and again, even in difficult situations.

It is a real gift for me to be able to share these insights with people, to help them relax, to feel good and to feel themselves more. More joie de vivre, self-love and therefore to have better relationships and to live consciously GOOD!

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And don´t forget to get a refreshing, healthy drink at Pura Vida afterwards!

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